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Meet the Team

The Chefs Behind Kitchen on Locke

Head Chef Melissa

Baltimore Native, Lover of Old Bay & Seafood Queen

Chef Mel Locke’s passion for cooking came from cooking with her mom from a young age. 

Helping with holiday cooking was always her favorite. Seeing how good food brings out warm smiles and full bellies inspired Chef Melissa to spread joy through cooking.

When in high school, she opted to join culinary magnet classes.

Her culinary journey was propelled further in 2012 while being a single stay-at-home mom. It inspired more creativity in the kitchen. Even through the tough times, she wanted to keep her community of friends close by hosting dinner parties whenever possible. 

In 2015, Chef Melissa was called to attend the Culinary School at the Art Institute of Hollywood, where she defined the path of her career.

Showing a passion for foodtography, to selling food packages during the holidays, all the pieces of her life completed the final puzzle to becoming a Private Chef.

She’s well known for her East Coast flavors, and her popular seafood crab boil with a signature butter sauce, which is perfect for celebrations.

Sous Chef Reza

Second in Command • Filipino born & Virginia raised

Reza also learned how to cook at a young age from multiple members of her family. 

In hopes of passing down their tradition and culture, Reza stayed connected to her roots through dance and food. From an early age, cooking became a way to connect with her family.

Reza fell in love with food and how it created comfort and a bond with people. While she mainly cooked for family, once she attended college at JMU she began to share her culinary skills with her roommates.

She wouldn’t extend her culinary abilities with anyone outside of her immediate circle until after moving to Los Angeles and working her way up to head cook of Tatang, a venerable Filipino-fusion restaurant. She has also lended her talents to Barkada and Wanderlust Creamery. Nowadays, nothing brings her more joy than sharing her craft with as many people as possible.

“A recipe has no soul. YOU as the cook must bring soul to the recipe.”

– Thomas Keller