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Meal Prep Challenge: Vegan Client with Severe Sea Salt and Gluten Allergies

My client had a severe allergy to sea salt, gluten free, and also ate vegan, meaning he consumed zero animal products whatsoever. As you can imagine, crafting delicious foods without salt or gluten was challenging!

As a solution, I made protein and veggie-heavy meals with little to no olive oil or sprays, keeping his meals low fat as well. 

My client chose my 15-meal plan, which included 3 meals per day. His meal prep occurred on Friday, and the meals were cooked, packaged and delivered the following Sunday. 

My client was so happy with his meals, he worked with us every week for 2.5 months before moving to Africa to shoot a movie.

Not only did he support us with his business but also referred us to many other clients, who we currently still serve!

– Chef Melissa Locke

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